Friday, September 11

Story: Zoo Animals Theme


It was a bright, cool morning, and our family decided to go to the zoo. We quickly packed a pinic lunch and were off for the day.

We arrived at the gate just as the zoo was opening. As we walked in, there were several black and white striped animals running around in a field behind a fence. What were the first animals we saw? (Answer: zebra)(Let the children answer and then put the picture of that animal on the board. This is the format for the rest of the story.)

Our family continued walking along the path. Soon we came to an animal that had a long gray trunk and a huge body. (Answer: elephant) We stood watching the elephant for awhile. We would have liked to throw him peanuts, but there was a sign that said, "Do not feed the elephant."

We proceeded along watching many of the animals romping behind the different fences. After awhile we came to one of my very favourite animals. This animal had a long neck, was yellow and covered with brown spots. (Answer: giraffe) We stood there for awhile watching the giraffe eat leaves from the top of a tall tree.

Dad said, "Let's be on our way. There are lots more animals to enjoy." He was right. The very next ones we saw made us laugh all the while we watched them. These animals played on trapezes, liked to swing from branches, tires and ropes. They were? (Answer: monkeys) As with many of the other animals, we could have enjoyed the monkeys all day.

However, it was getting closed to lunchtime. We sat on the pinic bench and ate. As we enjoyed our sandwiches, a beautiful bird walked by and fanned his tail at me. It had so many colours in it. (Answer: peacock) Lunch was over and we had all afternoon to walk around. (Continue the story using zoo animals that the children would identify. About 3 or 4 more animals.)

The sun was setting and we were all very tired. We agreed that it was aboout time to go home. We stopped to have drink and then went to the car. The next thing i remember was that mom and dad were carrying us into the house.

-End- Story: Zoo Animals Theme


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